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Prescript on YouTube Poop and the Detournement-Recuperation Dialectic

By Finn T and Cass F

This has been titled as prescript as I’m merely laying out the subject for something I will eventually come back to.

A phenomenon has been on YouTube for a while, known as "YouTube Poop". Essentially, it takes popular series and/or movies and construes and rearranges them into avant-garde hyperkinetic comedy. YouTube Poop was and is formed out of a mix of remix culture and situationist comedy, and it returns back to detournement and recuperation. The detournement-recuperation dialectic furthers itself into a totalizing negation of image hyperculture, hence YouTube Poop itself becomes culture. On one hand, the detournement-recuperation dialectic is a dialectic of the detournement-reversalism of the detournement-refraction. It is no wonder ideology forms at these cracks. We’ve seen it before in the downfall of the final era of YouChew, where ideology took over and the community was turned against itself over a Fox News article. It also explains the split between people who believe the YouTube Poop phenomenon is dead and lives on as a relic of the late 00s internet (unaware of the spectacle) and people who know it's alive and even make them (slightly to fully aware of the spectacle, at least the spectacular image hyperculture). This also applies to the split between people who think it’s a meme, and people who take it seriously. YouTube Poop comes from detournement and recuperation, and to detournement and recuperation it will recurse.

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