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The Schizoautist

by Joe Kaczynski

"How is it possible that the schizo was conceived of as the autistic rag — separated from the real and cut off from life—that he is so often thought to be? Worse still: how can psychiatric practice have made him this sort of rag, how can it have reduced him to this state of a body without organs that has become a dead thing—this schizo who sought to remain at that unbearable point where the mind touches matter and lives its every intensity, consumes it?" (Anti-Oedipus, 19)

Autism is inseparable from schizophrenia. Psychiatry has forcibly ripped them apart and ripped them in half again through a process of institutional and systemic ableism and segregation. Autistic people avoid and repurpose codes as much as schizophrenic people do [Barney error, logo editors, scary logo compilation (all n+1)/I'm Joan of Arc, Judge Joe Brown etc etc]. The autist has also become a seperate conceptual personae from the schizo. Here, I go into these examples further. Autistic people avoid and repurpose codes as schizophrenic people do as well, albeit in a different manner. Whereas schizophrenic people would deterritorialize them and cross boundaries and go into the desert with them, autistic people tangle them like a pair of earbuds and create a whole new altered flow. We can see this behavior in the videos of Alex McKinley; giving things we see and hear everyday, mixing it with logos, text to speech and blending it into something all new that represents their view of the world. Logos are given personalities through this, albeit scattered and incoherent. These logos start talking about Baby Einstein, school, grocery shopping, etc. Let us be clear, these videos are not meant to be comedic; these videos are the direct translation of the intertwined ideas they see, recognize, and hyperfixate over, to video form. This directly leads into the next point, autistic people put these codes and signifying chains onto logos, signs, and anything else. We can see this from the Barney errors, to the scary logo compilations, to logo edit compilations, to Chris-Chan's Sonichu. The Barney error exists because of the mixing of the Barney codes and the malware codes. The concept of a scary logo comes from the mixing of the codes of fear and the codes of logos. Logo edits are essentially the same, except fear is replaced with non-linear video editing software like AVS or Sony Vegas. So many autistic people mix these codes that it's become a whole new conceptual personae unto itself, THE logo editor, which I go more in-depth into in the next section. .veg (Sony Vegas project file) replacements are a more direct entanglement of these codes - the first code is already set out for them as a body without organs ready for a video to be projected onto it. Now that we've established how autistic people are extremely similar, enough to be called exactly the same as schizophrenic people through the way they construe codes, we can move on to autistic people as a normative type. Conceptual personae are not actual people unto themselves, but normative types that operate in particular ways. Multiple people, especially people on the internet on sites like KiwiFarms have turned the autist into a conceptual personae like the schizo and given it names (LolCow, retard, sped etc) much like the schizo (psycho, crazy, etc). However, they are still ultimately the same, despite being born in different time periods. The autist being scared by the Viacom logo and believing it's going to harm them is no more different than the schizo believing their teeth are being decayed by satellites. The autist has an incredible duplicating power for these new codes/signifying chains, resemblant of a rhizome, similar to the code of delirium for the schizo. "The code of delirium or of desire proves to have an extraordinary fluidity. It might be said that the schizophrenic passes from one code to the other, that he deliberately scrambles all the codes, by quickly shifting from one to another, according to the questions asked him, never giving the same explanation from one day to the next, never invoking the same genealogy, never recording the same event in the same way." (Anti-Oedipus, 15) It's practically impossible to trace back the first Barney error video, the first scary logo compilation, the first Klasky Csupo logo edit compilation, etc. The autist also connects these codes as much as the schizo does, as we previously saw. Adolf Wolfli connects clocks as much as any autist would connect logos and Legos. There's never any 1 explanation for the connections from the autist, usually only a variant "It just fit" or "I felt like it". In both cases the original (anti-logo) meaning is obscured. The autist also creates an additional context for the codes, as we can see through Alex McKinley's videos where he goes back and changes what the logo implied to be speaking even was (Carolco to Columbia Pictures Television, for example). The autist also expresses a frustration with the codes too, most exemplified in the Windows Never Released community, where new Windows versions are created to compensate for the limited database of Windows versions that the autist imagines. It also shows up in the 'GoAnimate: The Movie'. 'GoAnimate: The Movie' claims to have been released in 2006, but Go!Animate wasn't founded until 2007. It's a sort of code-construing worldbuilding. Autists are no longer recognized as schizos because the dissociating elements of autism have never been analyzed/schizoanalyzed. Autists are like the sick who keep a secret (TextSynth). They are always aware of their condition but they don't like to admit it. They are highly sensitive to others and they tend to have delusions. They seclude themselves. Did you know autism and schizophrenia are the same thing? I proved it here. They're similar. They're basically the same thing. The dates applied to the Windows Never Released "releases" (quote unquote) are reminiscent of the table of contents of A Thousand Plateaus where each chapter is dated to represent it's intensity, which happens the same with WNR. Windows Never Released. Oggosoft (WNR) was starting in BTE Before Time Era. "Oggosoft is a company that was made by Myhsja Moonlak. It was created In 1000000BTE/0E1e+308-1000000 (Before Time Era). No one knows who created it, This would be until the year -soft...... A time traveler named Samuel Caufman theorized who founded Oggosoft by time traveling to the year 1 BTE/0E∞, one year before 13800000000BC when they developed and released the first operating system." (WNR Fandom, Oggosoft Page) "Of course, it is not a question of a real production, as if the child "really" became an animal; nor is it a question of a resemblance, as if the child imitated animals that really raised it; nor is it a question of a symbolic metaphor, as if the autistic child that was abandoned or lost merely became the "analogue" of an animal." The movie I-Be Area by visual artist Ryan Trecartin represents these normative types of the schizo and autist in conjunction as the schizoautist becoming the schizo again incredibly well - I-Be Area quite literally is the Gen-Z iPad (Kinemaster Klasky Csupo Logo Effects) version of Nowhere dir. Gregg Araki; if Nowhere was based off a foundation of shoegaze, I-Be area was based off a foundation of iMovie stock music (SPIGOTTAN) and Windows startup sounds (Alex McKinley). Both are about exploration of identity, but in completely opposite ways. Nowhere is a fever dream through 90s Los Angeles witnessing alien abductions and near suicides where as I-Be area is an adderall trip through 2010s internet witnessing EPIC FAIL VINE COMPILATIONS #N+1 and pornographic gory LiveLeak videos. Both equally as transgressive, but I-Be Area is far more rhizomatic than Nowhere; where as Nowhere sighs 'theres gotta be somewhere out there somewhere who will hold me in their arms and tell me everythings gonna be ok', I-Be area drives through the wall exclaiming "I hate gay people, I hate straight people & I hate iTunes!" + "I could walk off a building and not give a shit!" + "Take your derendered, ignorant files and delete yourself!" - Where as everyone in nowhere is over-the-top real, the schizomatic internet world of I-Be area makes everyone a hyperreal, delirious entity traversing areas without a second thought! Through the pathways between KiwiFarms, YouTube, the mental zones and world-historical... we follow the autist to schizoautist to schizo as they seperate themselves from the psychiatric parish into the internet whirlpools they drift themselves into. Ryan Trecartin brings up another good point, too: "There is this character I-Be 2, whom I play, and he’s a clone who’s trying to find his independent identity. The basic idea of the film is that what identifies people is not necessarily their bodies anymore; it’s all the relationships they maintain with others. You are your area, rather than you are yourself. If someone describes you, that description becomes a part of your area, whether you like it or not." The schizoautist only ever identifies themselves with their special interests, and the people they relate to/are related to. This is exemplified incredibly well by GettyFanatic on YouTube, he would've never imagined having Really Wild Animals madness if he never identified himself in relation to Spin. The schizoautist's main interest is not the actual Klasky Csupo videos, rather the Klasky Csupo logo itself and they identify with it. They also identify themselves in other people who identify with it. They are the schizoautist, but are also a member of the schizoautist community. This is how they are. This is how they identify them, themselves and others. The schizoautist is the schizoautist's community and vice versa. The schizoautist is an idea that has been percolating for quite some time now, as far back as Anti-Oedipus. But, the internet has allowed it to be the focus of a full-blown renaissance of interest in things considered creepy. This is another reason why the internet is the most effective vehicle for disseminating this concept. We can just sit at our computer and watch videos for hours on end. It's easy to get a sense of what people are into. The internet has allowed the schizoautist to be seen, and the schizoautist to be heard. It's not just that the schizoautist is seen, it's that the schizoautist is seen as an idea, and heard as an echo to anyone within the warm reach of the psychiatric parish. Of course, it's because they see them only as the schizo, which is absolutely true... But they've been taught to fear the schizo for they're the psycho that comes and strangle murders them at night, when in actuality, they're making videos about Julie Clark owning Viacom and Columbia Pictures Television or posting on Facebook about satellites. It's highly contrasted to the real schizoautist, who sees their own, their inner universe, their own self-discovery. That's what's so appealing about being a schizoautist. The schizoautist may not be aware of reality. They may know only of fantasy intertwined with their reality. That's what we are, the schizoautists. That's what we should be. To be freed from systemic ableism, the societal conceptions of what's normal. To see the universe not as it is but as what is possible, even if it's impossible. Let your mind roam free, come up with stupid ideas! Pirate a video editor and make autistic videos! Autism is good! The schizoautist is good.

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